Our Philosophy

Shake-It Mixer is a modern classic cordial mixer, crafted in Copenhagen since… well, since 2020. Our philosophy is quite straightforward: Helping to create excitement and memorable moments through easy, inspirational, and great tasting cocktails.

Shake-It Mixer is born out of a world where we look for the natural, where we pursue indulgence and taste experiences while balancing convenience and even embrace no or low alcohol drinks and cocktails.

It is the refreshing, natural and classic cocktail mixer in one; the chosen partner for the cocktail maker whether it is in a restaurant in Stockholm, a bar in Tokyo or at home in the kitchen.

Shake-It Mixers contain no alcohol which mean they can be used for both cocktails or ‘virgin’ cocktails, aka mocktails.

The beautiful label and bottle reflect the cordial mixer inside and is indeed inspired by the time around the publishing of the first book for bartenders,  “Bartender’s Guide”, from 1862.

The classic bottle has been designed for an easy grip, but with more cues towards the natural ingredients. The stripes down the sides are not only stripes, but rather a shape inspired by flower petals. And completely unassuming almost hidden away, there is a juicer molded into the bottom of the bottle. Subtle, but supporting the true story and philosophy of natural flavours and colours.

Great ingredients are at the heart of Shake-It Mixer and a must for great tasting and delicious cocktails. The Shake-It Mixer range continues to evolve but core to all the variants is that they are based on natural flavours, from fruits or berries to vegetables or plants. Even all colours are natural, with one exception as we must admit the blue in Blue Curacao was beyond us to source in the wild.

The different variants give plenty of opportunities to create elegant and inviting drinks and cocktails, with or without alcohol. No matter if your guests seek the traditional, perhaps a Strawberry Daiquiri, the sublime Gin Mango or the sumptuous Espresso Martini, Shake-It Mixer provide the flavours and the inspiration to make great tasting cocktail with ease.

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Our brand promise is to
Make the world taste better, naturally


With our world-class mixer range, we are taking the consumer and their occasions and mixing motivations both at home and during a night out to the heart of our strategy and aiming to make each encounter taste better, naturally.